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Health For Wealth Now

We are working to help everyone with wealth and health ways to have a positive life style.

Tom Short is my name. I am a 76 year old Australian living in the bush town of Tenterfield called the birth place of Australia also made known by Peter Allan with his song called ” Tenterfield saddler.”

In the late 1950 and the 60s I spent twelve years in a Surf lifesaving club on the Gold Coast and held many positions in the movement as well.

Good health is part of your wealth

We offer personalized consultation and motivation with help of our e-books and writings. We believe health is the ultimate pathway for young entrepreneurs or a seasoned professional for gaining sustainable wealth. Enjoying the pros of wealth can be challenge if you are not healthy. Being healthy is not a challenge but a habit.  We try to help individuals in building this positive habit with our eBooks in which we have tried to inculcate the wisdom of health and wealth.

Let’s work in a different way…

I like to personalize my e-books to every single, different and unique person's needs and challenges.

Personalized guidance and motivational help from our e-books is what keeps us apart from others. When you read our e-books you can expect to receive the wisdom of health. Money is just an object, health is the pathway to sustain and enjoy it.

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