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Tom Short is my name.

I am a 76 year old Australian living in the bush town of Tenterfield called the birth place of Australia also made known by Peter Allan with his song called ” Tenterfield saddler.”

In the late 1950 and the 60s I spent twelve years in a Surf lifesaving club on the Gold Coast and held many positions in the movement as well.

In 1967 I was the lifeguard at my beach and met my wife on the beach. We have now been married 48 years. I gave up the lifeguard job and got a real job again. In 1972 after my Daughter and son were born I became a manager at a Ford dealership.

Except for eight years when we had our own business I was manager at five different dealerships. I retired fourteen years ago.
I am quite fit and healthy for my age. For over three years I have been learning and working the internet.

You are never two old to have ago at anything. I am helping one and all with wealth and health ways to have a positive life style. I have over eighty blogs on the internet helping with positive ways to have a full life on this earth.

Good health is part of your wealth. Money is only a means of obtaining your wealth.

Tom Short

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